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Weight Bracket
Date Posted Departure Destination Commodity Weight Bracket
2018-04-16 Zimbabwe KwaZulu Natal Citrus 33-34Ton
2018-04-10 Mpumalanga KwaZulu Natal Coal 33-34Ton
2018-04-06 KwaZulu Natal Zambia Copper 33-34Ton
2018-04-04 Gauteng Limpopo cement 33-34Ton
2018-04-04 Gauteng Zimbabwe Steel 27-28Ton
2018-04-03 Gauteng Malawi Mix Loads 27-28Ton
2018-03-28 Mpumalanga Mpumalanga Coal 33-34Ton
2018-03-23 Gauteng Limpopo CEMENT 33-34Ton
2018-03-23 KwaZulu Natal Northern Cape PIPES 26-27Ton
2018-03-22 North West Gauteng Chrome and ROM 33-34Ton

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