Exec Ops (PTY)Ltd

Contact Person: Franco
Address: Montana
Postcode: 0159
City: pretoria
Country: South Africa
Phone: +27718712848
Website: exec-ops
Business Days:
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  • Tuesday
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We provide our clients with vehicles and operators providing high-level security escorts. Our armed guards have a grade C or upper certificate from PSIRA and they also have the necessary weapons competencies and certificates. In addition to this, they also have regular weapons training sessions. We provide armed escort drivers and guards for the transportation of valuable goods from gems, cash and jewelry to other valuable loads in transit (by road, rail, sea and air) in South Africa and cross-border. We have successfully provided armed escorts services to from union officials to the logistical freight industry. Our guards undergo comprehensive screening, selection and recruitment techniques. They are also PSIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) registered. All armed guard officers have done additional training besides the prescribed grades done with PSIRA enabling them to look out for crime trends and anything suspicious. All operations are managed and monitored by management that has years of experience in coordinating armed escorts. Therefore your valuables are in save hands.
Located in: Escourt Services

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